Run Like Hell - Give ‘Em Hell CD
LOUD FAST RULES #3 (California)
This record is fucking great! They remind me a lot of a great Bay Area band from a few years back called UNITED BLOOD. Faster up-beat melodic Oi! It has your basic FOURSKINS or THE OPPRESSED chord progressions, and attacking downstroke guitar sound, but ripping (real) rock & roll guitar solos keep it interesting and new throughout. Great lil' punk record here. For fans of the aforementioned bands, as well as bands like BLANK 77's, THE PIST, etc... Highly recommended. (BAM)

Run Like Hell - Give ‘Em Hell CD
First full length album from this New York based ‘Streetrock’ band who arrived on the scene in 2001 with a self titled 7” single. Part metal, part oi, part punk this jumps out of your speakers with more power and aggression than I’ve heard in a long time on the opening track ‘Cross To Bear’. The power the band put across is evident all the way through the album, even on the last track that features a piano in amongst the wall of noise. Comparisons can be made to bands like Blitz and The Last Resort and occasionally Dropkick Murphy’s but the songs are a hell of a lot faster. One of the best streetpunk albums I’ve heard in ages. For more info go to or email
5 out of 5
Review by Paul

Run Like Hell - Give ‘Em Hell CD
Here's a good Hardcore record. I'm not even a big fan of this genre, but I did find myself getting lost in the guitar rhythms before being snapped back into reality by the biting and very coarse vocals with very little effort on my own part. There are the usual pounding beats and heavy beat down breakdowns, but what I found to be quite cool was that Give 'Em Hell is actually very well written, musically, and especially lyrically. I like this record. I like it a lot. Oi! - Manic

Run Like Hell - Give ‘Em Hell CD
SHORT, FAST + LOUD #14 (California)
Rough, street tough New Yawk punkcore here on a German label. R.L.H. play a boot-stomping brand of punk, somewhere between rockin Oi and straight up gruff punk rock, flight jackets, Docs and baseball bats in full effect. Pretty good in the lyric department (always a dodgy aspect of this style) with good criticisms of the "American dream", the scene, cops, and not taking any shit from "the man".

Run Like Hell - Give ‘Em Hell CD
This New York based band is playing a mix of Punk, Hardcore and Oi! the English way, so their 12 songs will be interesting to check out for fans of bands like SHAM 69, THE BUSINESS and BLITZ, although there are also clear EXPLOITED similarities here and there, such as on opener “Cross to bear”. However, these guys are mainly playing good old early 80s Oi!, which can best be heard on songs like “Tired”, “We won't tolerate it anymore”, “Strong and proud” and “Guerilla warfare”. Recommended to fans of THE BUSINESS and SHAM 69!
(Points: 8.0 out of 10)

Run Like Hell - 7" record.
This shit fucking rocks!!! Run Like Hell plays a mixture of fast Oi!, rock'nroll and just a pinch of melodic hardcore. They call this style NY Streetrock and if that means fast pounding but melodic music that packs more adrenalin than a pitbull on speed, topped off with a great raw voice, I can only agree with this description. It hasn't been since Bonecrusher's classic "Working For Nothing" that a streetpunk record kicked me in the nuts this hard. During the first listen, I was already stompin' round the living room like a madman, fist in the air and trashing every thing in sight! In fact, at this moment I can hardly sit still enough to type this review, haha. The two songs on side b aren't that special and are probably a bit older, but "We won't tolerate anymore" and "In memory" are instant classics every fan of hardcore punk related music should hear. Damn, that great breakdown with solo in the middle of "In Memory" alone makes this record a must have. Only 500 copies were pressed and they are almost out, so think fast if you want one. If all goes well, Bad Dog Records will release a full-length cd called "Give'm hell" this winter, I can hardly wait to get my hands on that one! In the meantime, my only regret is that my record player doesn't have a repeat button… (RV)

Run Like Hell - 7" record.
A really good first effort, two of the songs are decent tracks, nothing special and the other two are probably two of the best Oi songs I've heard in recent years. Apparently they have recorded a full length and its in production stages so be on the lookout. If they stay true to the sound they were developing on this 7" these guys (and girl) are gonna be big dogs in American Oi very soon. (JY)