Run Like Hell started in the late 1990's as good friends just playing some good streetrock. The original lineup was solidified as Rich on Guitar, John on Guitar, Tiffany on Bass, and Dustin on Drums. Rich started out doing most of the singing but all members eventually would sing at one point or another. Having these four friends in a band made perfect sense as the various members were in bands before including Awkward Thought, The Maladjusted, Positron, Bombs Away, and Swish. Run Like Hell was formed with the premise of having fun. Practices were an opportunity to hang out, drink some beer and jam.

After coming up with a few songs the band decided to hit Night Owl studios in NYC to do some 8-track recording. It was all they could afford at the time but the sound came out amazing. They recorded five songs as a demo to give to friends. After getting such a positive response four of these five songs were released as a self-titled 7" record in 2001. The pressing of 500 singles on Dead City Records was available only at gigs and local record shops and it sold out immediately.

In September 2002 Run Like Hell played at the only East Coast USA appearance of the UK's famous Holidays In The Sun festival held in Asbury Park New Jersey. Run Like Hell continued to play out but it was shortly after this time that Rich moved to Chicago and this made playing shows a bit more difficult. Even with Rich in Chicago Run Like Hell were still able to get together enough with him to record the full length release titled "Give 'Em Hell". Released as a joint effort between NY's Dead City Records and Berlin Germanys Coretex (Bad Dog) Records this CD was pressed in Germany and imported to the USA and distributed by Dead City Records. The full length CD came out in April 2005 but with Rich living in Chicago it made it difficult to play shows and tour. The band decided that when Rich could not play shows they would have Dustin switch to guitar/vocals and recruited good friend Brian on Drums. It made perfect sense since Dustin was proficient on every instrument.

With this lineup Run Like Hell embarked on a short European tour in September 2005 where they played the Wasted festival in Amsterdam among other Western European shows in Belgium, Germany and Holland. To support "Give 'Em Hell" Run Like Hell was then asked to play the Punk & Disorderly festival in Berlin in January 2006 so another European Tour was planned. In January 2006 Run Like Hell toured Eastern Europe which included Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The Punk & Disorderly festival in Berlin was recorded for a live DVD that featured performances from all bands who played the festival.

After coming back home to New York at the end of January the band started booking a West Coast USA tour. In the summer 2006 Run Like Hell kept promoting the new CD and played on the West Coast for the first time. Run Like Hell hit many California cities as well as shows in Nevada and Arizona on that tour. After that tour they came home for a few days before hitting the Southern USA with shows in South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. Run Like Hell continued to play shows with the lineup of Dustin, Tiffany, John, and Brian.

The years 2007 and 2008 saw Run Like Hell play the USA East Coast Oi Festivals in Allentown Pennsylvania. Rich had returned from Chicago to play a few shows and the 2008 Oi Fest appearance featured all 5 members on the stage at once for the first time.

In 2009 Run Like Hell had two songs from the "Give 'Em Hell" CD appear on the DVD bonus footage for the Academy Award nominated film THE WRESTLER released by 20th Century Fox.


The following information below regarding the "Give E'm Hell" release was taken from the Coretex (Bad Dog) Records website:

Run Like Hell has arrived with their first full-length release titled "GIVE 'EM HELL". With members who have been longtime and dedicated supporters of the Oi, Punk, and Hardcore scene, RLH has established themselves as a band committed to making real "streetrock".

They first launched their musical crusade with their independently released self-titled 7" record in 2001. The pressing of 500 singles available only at gigs and local record shops sold out immediately. Along with live shows including festival appearances, they've built up a loyal and devoted following.

These four longtime friends form a tight band with an objective to break away from what is forced fed through society and the media. This band is a combined effort and each member has responsibilities behind the mic as well as in the song writing process. Since RLH doesn't limit themselves to any one style in particular, the upshot is a penetrating combination of influences and an authentic sound.

From songs that give credit to all the unsung heroes whose efforts are typically forgotten, to songs that promote individual leadership, RLH's message stands out among the gritty vocals, catchy riffs and classic rock sound.

Most critics praise Run Like Hell's musical commitment, surging energy, unforgettable songs, and are pleased to see rock and roll brought back to its original roots. The sound is aggressive, raw, and pissed off. Run Like Hell makes great music…not apologies.

"GIVE EM HELL", the New York-based streetrock brigade's triumphant new full-length album is a fusion of uncompromising spirit and unrivaled power. From the relentless and powerful opener "Cross to Bear" - which expresses the tribulations of life - to the outstanding blue collar homage "Honest man", RLH continues to build off of the musical blueprint they began with their first 7" single. Perhaps the hard charging sing-along "We Won't Tolerate it Anymore" best represents how the band feels when it comes to playing by the rules. While the piano laden "Put It To Rest" shows this band can rock out and have fun while delivering a forceful and important message. This is no mere "punk rock" album, but an impressively innovative and broad musical scope. "GIVE 'EM HELL" finds RLH's persevering spirit and heartfelt approach to music raging with every song. It's hard to be disappointed in an album like this one. And to think that it only will get better from here!

-Bad Dog Records 2005